Spinifex Country - Western Australia
Spinifex Country - Western Australia



Love is something unpredictable and has the power to muddle up your whole life within minutes – especially when the beloved one is not a human but a continent. This is what happened to me fifteen years ago when I fell in love with Australia. But how do you confess your love to a country? A candle light dinner? Red roses? That’s not going to work. A love letter? Not long enough. So I decided to write a book – a 220-page-long declaration of love to the Australian continent and its people.


Having a love affair with a continent, however, is not easy. At least not with a continent that lies about 15,000 km away from my home country Germany – a distance too great to enter a serious relationship or even just to have a weekend affair. The only way to bring this love story to a happy ending is migration. But unfortunately, to this day migration has been impossible for reasons revealed in the book. My last chance is to make the reader my ally so that I can become a »distinguished talent«.


Only if the reader enjoys the story will I be able to lodge a successful application for a permanent residence visa under the distinguished talent category which is reserved for artists such as authors.


To win the reader over I invite them to join me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, taking leaps through time and place, between the busy metropolis Hamburg and the peaceful outback, between the gloomy days of childhood and the freedom of travelling, between joy and sorrow, Germany and Australia.


In the first chapter »True Love« I put my cards on the table and explain why this book has been written. Every third chapter I return to my birthplace Hamburg, confiding in the reader my reasons for having chosen an unconventional way of life. In the remaining chapters I take the reader on a journey across Australia. As an author of several books on Australia I have studied this country with great passion, and am able to introduce the reader to some lesser known places and facts. And, even more importantly, I will reveal in good humour the wonders, secrets and oddities of this continent and its inhabitants through the eyes of a European.


It is said the eyes of love are blind but despite being in love with

Australia – I can assure you – mine are wide open.



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