Mt Augustus - Western Australia
Mt Augustus - Western Australia


Janine Guenther

Born in 1969 in Hamburg (Germany), my life took a turn when at the age of 25 I decided, due to a peculiar series of events involving the breakdown of my old VW kombi and an inflatable world globe, to go for a holiday trip to Australia (see »True Love« for the whole story).


Instantly seduced by the majesty of the country and the spirit of the people I have returned eight times and have spent more than five years in Australia in total.


Since 2005 I have been writing books about Australia. In the same year I co-founded a publishing house which is the only publishing company in Germany whose speciality is the Australian continent. So far four books have been released; one each covering Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. The latest release features Australia’s most popular national parks.


I have also become a professional photographer and my pics have been published in German and English publications.


I would love to migrate to Australia and have been trying to do so for 15 years. But even though I would like to settle in regional Western Australia (in fact as regional as it can get) and would bring my own business into the country, I still don’t meet the requirements for any visa category. This will hopefully change with the book »How to Become a Distinguished Talent in Australia«.



Publishing history

In English (for sale in Australia):

  • How to Become a Distinguished Talent in Australia, published by 40° South Publishing, Tasmania & 360° Books, Western Australia
  • Discovering Mount Augustus National Park, published by the Department of Environment and Conservation, Western Australia
  • Mt Augustus - The Island, published in the Australian Geographic
  • Feathered Gem - The Southern emu-wren, published in Tasmania 40° South 
  • Mount Augustus - home of the flying dragons, published in LANDSCOPE
  • Australian Creatures, published by 360° Books, Western Australia
  • Turning back time - Cleaning up Dirk Hartog Island, published in LANDSCOPE


In German (for sale in Germany, Switzerland and Austria):

  • Westaustralien und das Top End (about Western Australia and the Top End)
  • Das Northern Territory und weiterführende Routen (about the Northern Territory)
  • Queensland und das Rote Zentrum (about Queensland and the Red Centre)
  • Naturzeit Australien (101 national parks throughout Australia)

All four books are published in the series »australiawide« by Verlag 360°.