Diamantina National Park - Queensland
Diamantina National Park - Queensland


Chapter 13 - At the Eleventh Hour

In this chapter I lure the reader into the Australian jungle of visa categories and reveal why I can’t meet the requirements of the various categories. But there is always hope…



My only hope to become a permanent resident comes in the form of the distinguished talent visa. Before I met the guy in Tasmania who put me on to the idea of writing this book and applying under this category I had never taken this visa option into account; irretrievably discouraged by the first sentence on the website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship which says »This visa is designed for people who are internationally recognised for exceptional and outstanding achievement in: a profession, the arts, sport, research or academia.« It just didn’t sound like me… But when I finally studied the forms I noticed that this was the only visa category that leaves some room for individuality – enough room to fit my unusual lifestyle and career as a publisher and writer into it. In this category achievements and experiences are more important than university degrees and instead of focusing on the past this visa looks into the future and asks questions such as »How would your settlement in Australia be an asset to the Australian community?«. Easy!


It would be all too good if it weren’t for the fact that I need a nominator who is active in the same field. Someone, a well-known person, an organisation or a company (like a publishing

house …) who officially nominates me, someone who says »Hey, she is a clever girl, give her a visa. She won’t buy many fridges and washing machines throughout her life but I am sure she will make a good Aussie«. That’s all. Unfortunately, I haven’t met the right person yet. Any volunteers? 


While I have been writing this chapter Australia’s population has grown by 103 people, among them 49 migrants. Congratulations – I am green with envy.